Are you writing a blog? Read how I went from 80 to 80,000 readers

It’s not as easy as listening to a blog. My first blog post was not a success. This is actually only half the article I posted on the center blog Pulse. In the first paragraphs I abandoned that I had written a thriller published by a reputable publisher after a long brainstorming session. I was proud to say that I sold ideas for articles to national newspapers like De Volksgrand and Quest every week. I invited the reader to click on my website, Wiz, and reveal how I came up with these great ideas.

Result: 4 options, 0 shares and fewer than 80 readers, of which less than five clicked.

Logical. No one is waiting for someone who really wants traffic to his website. But how can people write a blog that they are interested in? I have already explained to more than one hundred and fifty clients in my blogging course – you will get a detailed taste of that course below.

Blog Writing: 7 Tips
The lack of visitors was a relief for me in a way. I’m no longer interested in making the following blogs interesting to me. Slowly but surely I started to write more blogs about the issues I was struggling with: the longer I was in my books, the more frequently used words and concentration issues. I no longer portray myself as an “expert”, but as a struggling journalist and writer. In short: someone who makes mistakes just like everyone else.

From that moment on the blogs have been greatly appreciated. Part of the 11 words I often had to delete myself was read nearly 80,000 times and got over 4,000 likes. Articles about phrases you can avoid, my concentration problems and boring verb forms attracted more than 150,000 readers.

I don’t believe writing a blog is a matter of success. Most of the posts I’ve read have some common things in terms of content, structure, structure, and tone in particular. When I write my first blog on LinkedIn, if I can go back in time and give advice, I will give you the following tips. So: How do you write a blog?

Blog Writing Tip 1 – Get Started with a Mistake.
If you want to inspire someone else with your insights on a blog, show them first how you bought it. No one learns without getting into their mouths first. Share this story in the form of a short story, as you tell someone in the pub.

Writing a blog that fools you in the first paragraph is a great way to break the ice and attract the reader to your story.

Blog Writing Tip 2 – Write a short paragraph that identifies you
Your note, if it is correct, represents a major problem that more and more people are struggling with. You show it by extending your personal story in the second paragraph and raising a question. For example: My first blogs were not successful. You pull it off in detail by asking yourself: How do you actually write a good blog that people are waiting for?

Such a paragraph is also known as the paragraph summarized in the journal. You use this to announce which query you are going to answer in your article so that people will readily find out what they find when they read. Writing a blog is first and foremost: thinking from the reader.

Write Blog Tip 3 – Give Tips, But Don’t Be an Expert
Blogs are often popular if they have tips that directly benefit readers, for example when writing emails, business books or motivational letters.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself on a pedestal as an expert. You are probably an expert by experience. You got into a problem and now you have a different approach.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the right approach.

This tone leaves you more room for discussion and reactions. This makes it more engaging, and therefore more readers.

Write Blog Tip 4 – Make the tips concrete with clear language
After all, don’t try to come up with your tips, such as “write with greater sense” or “live more at this time”. These are cliches that you can explain in many ways.

If the tips were written in a particularly practical and clear language, there would be many forms of suffering and dang construction.

When you say: deleting these 11 words is good, or this software may help you to focus better, there is no debate about what that means.

Anyone can try and judge whether it works for him or her.

Write Blog Tip 5 – Add structure to your paragraphs
At paragraph level it is best if your text is a little tense with a good layout.

You can use topical sentences for this. They are sentences that summarize the meaning of your passage. They are usually at the beginning of a paragraph so that readers know what to expect in the next text.

It works well for not expressing everything in a superficial sense, causing some tension. An example of a topical sentence that creates tension.

If you don’t know how to start an article, the bar talk rule is very useful.

From this sentence the reader knows that he is going to read about a writing system that has something to do with pub talk in the coming paragraph, but nothing more. In this way you encourage reading.

Write Blog Tip 6 – Don’t exaggerate the effect of your tips
Don’t pretend that your life has changed radically by your insight. No one has the recipe for success. Don’t be afraid to say that you are still going wrong sometimes.

For example, I have learned a lot about blogging in recent months, but it is not always a guarantee to readers. A few weeks ago, for example, I wrote this blog on LinkedIn, which was visited by hundreds of people, even though I used these techniques there. Sometimes you just don’t have the right stuff.

Write Blog Tip 7 – Ask your readers for help
You can lend a hand to the success of your blogs by openly requesting help from your readers. Often articles are not shared on social networks because it is not in people’s organization. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the possibility.

For example, my article with LinkedIn’s concentration tips immediately got a lot of likes, but it wasn’t shared. As an experiment, I added the following sentence.

Share this message (press the upper right arrow) so that we are more focused on our work and have time for fun things like focusing on each other.

Suddenly people started pressing the share button – it has now been shared almost 1000 times.

If you still want to read good blogs, share this message so that blog writing soon becomes easier for everyone

Do you plan to start a blog to attract more customers or website visitors? In addition to my journalism work, I give blogging lessons to clients a few times a year. If you participate, you are in good company. There were over a hundred people in front of you. Sign up here.

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