Are you writing a blog? Read how I went from 80 to 80,000 readers

It’s not as easy as listening to a blog. My first blog post was not a success. This is actually only half the article I posted on the center blog Pulse. In the first paragraphs I abandoned that I had written a thriller published by a reputable publisher after a long brainstorming session. I was … Read more

How can you make money on YouTube

Making money on YouTube is not as hard as you might expect, there are many ways to do this. Some methods are only possible if your channel is already very popular, but don’t get discouraged – even a small channel can get you some money if people enjoy the work you do. You may not … Read more

“YouTube overwhelms new bloggers”: Why content producers are not satisfied with the new rules

How To Get Your Passport in New Orleans

From February 21, 2018, the new rules for the YouTube Partner Program went into effect. To participate in the show, the channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4000 viewing times in the last 12 months. This is the second tightening of the rules for the year. The first was in April 2017 – … Read more