Create more effective social media marketing plans

There is a huge sea of ​​social media information. Experts are everywhere and there are only so many opinions about best practices and strategies.

Also, platforms change regularly, whether it’s adding new features, increasing character limits or changing rules.

That’s why I created this guide to help you understand how to set social media goals for 2020. If you do not accept your marketing campaigns or create a purpose, this article is especially good for you.

Throughout this process, it is really important to be honest about your successes and failures. It’s okay to admit that this was some of your failed attempts – that’s why we’re here.

Here is my 3-step process to set social media goals for 2020:

  1. Check your report

When you spend time sharing online, it’s important that you monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the report. There are many ways to configure the report, but if you need guidance and inspiration, SmartSheet has a free social media report template to get you started.

You need to look at the number of impressions and understand how your content works. Do people like, share, comment?

Pay close attention to metrics like bugging – this valuable information will tell you what your prospects liked or didn’t like. So consider this when planning the 2020 issue.

For example, I try to share valuable content every day on our Twitter account.

From Twitter to Facebook provides a free analysis of the performance of each platform profile, so use it!

This free report will help you see what’s shared and what has happened. Find topics that viewers and followers are constantly interested in, and more content going forward.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can promote something payable to your business. Remember, you can always contact us and allow heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.

We are constantly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. And, we’re on top of the latest trends and tips and love to analyze reports and statistics!

  1. Study your analysis

Yes, if you want to look forward, then you have to look back. You can share left and right content, but if it does not lead to your website visitors, it is not performing its purpose. You want to drive people to your site, where they hopefully get more involved and buy a product or service from you.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that is the core of your social media plan in 2020. It shows how your business’ social drive for work is split into relevant statistics about traffic.

To view these results, navigate to your Acquisition section for Social, and then click Network Referrals. You can choose a previous year as the date range. Then, you’ll see how many people clicked on your posts and subsequently landed on your website.

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What do you think should be changed to get better results?

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3. Set your goals

The first two steps should be understanding where you are now and when planning your plan. What platform your target audience is coming from and where to focus your efforts in the coming years, you have a good idea of ​​what kind of content has worked for you.

Other things you need to do to reach your goals:

Track the growth of your month-to-month followers. If you haven’t gotten new followers all year, why should you.
Track which content is most popular in a particular forum. For example, Pinterest trends show increased use of large dips in spring and autumn around summer and Christmas.
Only share content that has value. You want to sell without the guy running. Use non-seller resources such as blogs, inspirational quotes and events that pay for your brand and audience.

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