A Step-By-Step Guide for How to Get a Passport Already
A Step-By-Step Guide for How to Get a Passport Already

If I am living overseas where can I apply for a passport or an ID card?

Do you live abroad? Most Dutch embassies and consulates can apply for a General Passport or Identity Card. This is possible in the municipal counterpart of Shifol and in many municipalities.

Where to Apply for a Travel Document Abroad
Dutch nationals living abroad can apply for passports or identification cards at most Dutch embassies and consulate generals. You will find the following information on their websites:

How to apply for passport or ID card;
How to make an appointment?
The documents you need for this.
You can request emergency documents from all Dutch Consular Representatives (Embassies, Consulates-General and Consulates).

Apply for Passport or ID Card at VFS Global in London, Edinburgh, Chicago and Edmonton
Dutch nationals living abroad can apply for a new passport or ID card at London’s VFS Global, Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Chicago (United States) and Edmonton (Canada). You pay extra service costs for this. VFS Global is an external company, not part of the Foreign Ministry. Your application is decided by the Ministry.

Read the conditions for applying for a passport or ID card abroad at the Netherlands World Wide website.

Apply for Passport & ID Card in Netherlands
As a Dutch citizen, do you live abroad? You can then apply for a passport or identification card in Shiphol and many municipalities in the Netherlands. You can do this by shifting to the passport counter at Arrival Hall 2.

Apply for a passport or ID card without a specific place or residence
Do you have Dutch nationality but do not have a permanent residence or residence in the Netherlands? Would you like to request a passport or identification card? You can then go to the various Dutch border municipalities.

What should I do when applying for a travel document or identity card?
As an applicant, you will personally appear at the embassy or consulate so that you can establish your identity. The same applies to children.
Digital Passport goes through the device to determine if you need more documents and to make an appointment.
You have to fill and sign the passport application form and take this form along with a valid passport photo.

You must be able to prove that you have Dutch nationality. Are you not applying for a new passport or declaration to acquire Dutch citizenship? In some cases, you may lose your Dutch nationality. If you have doubts about your nationality, you will not get a new passport or ID card. For more information, read the brochure The Dutch Nationality Lost.

All your Dutch or foreign travel documents must be submitted with your application.
Collect passport or identity card
Passport and Identity Card is produced in the Netherlands and sent to the Embassy or Consulate where you requested the document. That is why the processing of your application takes several weeks.

The Dutch representation will let you know when you can collect your passport or identity card. If you can’t expect it from you because of the circumstances, you should do it in person.

In some cases, a passport or identity card may be sent to the applicant’s address. This may affect travel distance or limited mobility. You agree with the app. It can only be sent if it is secure and at your own risk and expense.

BSN Passport
Are you applying for a Dutch passport abroad or do you have a Citizen Service Number (BSN)? Your BSN will automatically appear in your passport. If you do not have a citizen service number, you can get a passport without a citizen service number. You do not need to request a citizen service number. The National Registration of Persons (RNI, Registration Expatriates) will check the body submitting your passport application to see if you have a citizen service number. You don’t have to do anything yourself.

People who have left the Netherlands after 1994 usually have a civil service number. You may have an old Social Security number. In that case, your BSN will not be in your passport.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Issue
The ‘Foreign Minister’ states the page of the owner of all passports and identification cards applied for overseas since March 2014

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