Internal Optimization Checklist | SEO 2020

Although internal optimization is by and large not visible to site visitors, it is extremely important and it is almost impossible to promote a site without it. Therefore, she needs to pay special attention and try to fulfill all the points of this checklist.

  • Add site to Google Search Console andYandex.Webmaster , this will allow you to receive information about how the site is presented in Google search results, optimize content and eliminate possible problems
  • Search engines can use the content of the sites you link to as a signal of relevance. Do not link to low-quality and non-thematic sites
  • Remove all outgoing links from the site. If it’s not possible to remove them, affix the rel = ”nofollow” tags, as well as target = “_ blank” for links (which closes the transfer of weight over them, and opens the pages in a new tab)
  • Do not use free hosting. Pay a little money forhigh-quality and fast hosting
  • Constant “technical work” and “fallen” server can very badly affect the site rating. After such incidents, you can generally “fly out” of the issue. Move your site to reliable hosting
  • Server location may affect site ranking by geographic region
  • Try to prevent duplication of parts of content, pages and meta tags on the site
  • The rel = ”canonical” attribute. When used correctly, it will help to cope with takes that cannot be removed.
  • A lot of HTML errors, crooked code are a signal of poor quality of the site Check the site for validation errors in and eliminate them
  • Check if you have sitemap.xml on the site . Its presence is required
  • Create sitemap.xml for site images
  • Customize sitemap.xml so that it immediately gets links to new pages
  • Use the tag in the sitemap.xml file to indicate the priority of the pages you promote. These values ​​are from 1 to 0. The higher the number, the higher the priority
  • Check if you have robots.txt on the site . Its presence and proper configuration is a must
  • Be sure to add a unique favicon to your site. It is advisable to make it bright because in the SERP, it is displayed in a snippet, and the likelihood that it’s clicking on your site grows
  • Customize and fill out the 404 error page in the main site design by placing links to the Main page on it, adding internal search functionality and a call to action

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