SEO Services: Changing the way your business is viewed

Nowadays, search engine optimization is the gold mine for many online marketers. It’s business-driven, and no one does it for a break. SEO professionals are extremely skilled at their work and understand what needs to be done by taking a look at your website. Because these experts work on various SEO services and optimize a … Read more

Thanks to this exercise, I finally started blogging after a two-year delay.

My blog Writing Fish appeared after two years of procrastination, oddly enough, because of laziness. It was Thursday evening, it was about ten o’clock, and I was tired. But I made a cup of coffee and decided to get a blog. Postponing blogging this time was impossible. It was a real breakthrough. In previous weeks, … Read more

Mix Your Content: 9 Types of Blog Posts for Effective Content Marketing

You are stuck. You don’t know what to write. Your head is empty. If you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s Writers Block or Bloggers Block – I’m not making this up, it’s blogging terminology! – The inevitable. In our previous article you can read how to get inspiration for your blog topics. But you … Read more

These are the 22 biggest itchy words in job vacancy lessons

I have been a journalist and copywriter for almost 20 years. I still can’t use the term often used in job vacancies for my profession: content creator. I never heard a sarcastic colleague say: “I’ll come back to lunch a little later. Create this content first.” In fact, the term is irrelevant and of course … Read more

When do you use a comma? – 5 minute steaming course to keep pace with your story

I wouldn’t call myself a comma fan (yes, that word is really in the dictionary). But sometimes I have to admit that a sentence is too attached to the punctuation mark. When do you use a comma the right way? In my texts I often put them in places that are not commas or in … Read more

Better blog posts are written in 10 steps

In the meantime you already know that you have to blog: after all, you have probably heard that blogging companies achieve up to 13 times more ROI. And that as many as 82 percent of these companies have already acquired at least one new customer via a blog. Yet the practical side of such a … Read more